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We offer:
- Different versions of multi-modal freight forwarding services in the CIS countries and the Russian Federation.
- Reasonable prices, flexible rates and optimal delivery
- Combined shipping methods involving various types of transport (Sea, Air, W / D, Auto).
- Special conditions of carriage - temperature conditions, the protection of cargo, warehousing.
- Consolidation of small loads multiple clients in one product batch.
- Sorting, packaging, repackaging, photographing, weighing, etc.
- Customs clearance for transit and international traffic.
- Compatibility of different modes of transport in transit points, with the participation of own offices and agents.
Container transport (FCL)
- Ocean freight - this is one of the most reliable and cost-effective means of transportation.
- This type of delivery involves filling and delivery of solid container.
- No overloading for a sample when changing transport can reduce time and costs for packaging. - The organization and presentation of Containers is supported by leading logistics companies in the world. - Price and terms are calculated on request, for the calculation of indicators are the destination and cargo volume.
Consolidated transportation (LCL)

- Consolidated type of transportation is most beneficial for clients sending a small amount of cargo,

that is not enough to fill the entire container.

  - Your cargo is delivered in a single consolidated container from different customers.

  - Time, cost and terms of consolidated cargo transportation to:


  Price per 1kg    The minimum party   to Moscow   Customs clearance 
2 USD start 500 kg 17-20 days 3-5 days

 - Delivery of the goods to the point of consolidation is possible within 2 days after the arrival of the container. - Cash on delivery is possible when receiving the goods.

Other cities of Russia through Vladivostok

 Price per 1kg      The minimum party    to Vladivostok   Customs clearance    Sample load    Transportation in the Russian Federation 
4 USD 25-100 kg 3-5 days 3-5 days 2-3 days until 14 days
3,5 USD 100-500 kg
3,3 USD от 500 kg

 - Term of transportation in the Russian Federation depends on destination and the choice of the transport company.
  - Payment before the release of the goods from Korea.
  - Ability to deliver "to the door."
  - Out of the container from the warehouse every Friday.

Air Freight (Express Delivery)

Air - the fastest way to delivery.

International air travel from South Korea to any city in the Russian Federation:

  Price per 1kg     Weight Limit      Delivery period  
13,5 USD 25 kg 4-7 days


Domestic air transportation in the Russian Federation:

- Time, cost the best route to the destination is calculated on request.

Combined / multimodal transport:

Pay attention to this type of delivery, if you are important and speed and price.

- Shipping is done from anywhere in the world and then by road to a temporary storage warehouse.

  - Time, cost the best route to the destination are calculated on request.